Natural Wastewater Treatment

Using the bacteria and living organisms naturally present in the root system of plants, natural bioremediation systems treat your contaminated water, freeing them from undesirable pollutants.

Blending perfectly into your landscape, we design an integrated, inexpensive and aesthetic solution to sanitize your water. With the right balance of species and sizing, water re-purposing is made possible. Designing a solution adapted to your site unique characteristics, your once polluted wastewater may be re-used complementing your current irrigation system, cleaning of your equipment as well as supplying nearby infrastructure.

Responding to your needs, GVE answers all your questions as well as supports you at every stage. Our team deliver tailored integrated solutions from pretreatment stages to safe effluent discharge, our goal is to deliver a sustainable and economically sound solution that minimises waste and optimises water usage on your site.

Cut Costs & Save Money

Low Maintenance Needs

Improved Water Quality

Enhance wildlife

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